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Proposed Tee Shirt Concepts

100X Dallas Conference

These concepts were developed based on several 100X members mentioning phrases they would love to see on a tee shirt.

100X_Tee GroupW.png

What Group Am In?

Someone experienced and uttered this phrase as recently as this week. :) My wife and I wore this one to Pedro’s house party in Vacaville.

100X_Tee BackW.png

The Back of the Shirts

Typically for any major event, concert, or conference; Tee shirts are a way to connect folks to that event with the name and date.

100X_Tee Yell W.png


This phrase has certainly been a fan favorite. I believe this layout and color combination flows really well and communicates Pedro’s passion when he says it. See below for additional concepts.

100X_Tee Orphan W.png
100X_Tee Who W.png
100X_Tee Hustle W.png
100X_Tee Pastor W.png
100X_Tee Real W.png
100X_Tee Distract W.png
100X_Tee Niche W.png
100X_Tee Girl W.png
100X_Tee Pedro W.png
100X_Tee Yell W.png
100X_Tee Back W.png